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This program is now closed for new purchases.



Heal your Heartbreak. Find the One.

Heart Rehab is a 21 day online program designed to help you turn your break-up into the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Through a series of videos, guided meditations and practical daily worksheets, Persia & Joey will give you the exact strategies they used in their own lives to heal their heartbreak and find ‘The One’.




We’re delighted that you’re interested in Heart Rehab, a 21 day online program to help you heal your heartbreak & find ‘The One’.

Our goal is to guide you through the devastating pain of your break-up, and get you crystal clear on what you want for your romantic life in the future. If you’re feeling lost, desperate and rejected after the end of a relationship, we’re here to help turn this situation into the best thing that’s ever happened to you. After successfully navigating our own heartbreak (and guiding many others to do so through our life-coaching programs), we truly hope to help you do the same.

With love & gratitude,

Persia & Joey xx
Founders of addictivedaughter.com


Our mission is to help you become the happiest, healthiest version of you.

Hailed “irreverent British gurus” by Marie Claire magazine, Persia & Joey – the founders of addictivedaughter.com – have featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Evening Standard and You magazines, The Huffington Post & the Times.

The girls also feature in documentary A Royal Hangover alongside Russell Brand, and their first book ‘The Inner Fix’ is available in bookshops and on Amazon.



Heart Rehab is a 21 day online program designed to help you turn your break-up into the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Through a series of videos, guided meditations and practical daily worksheets, Persia & Joey will give you the exact strategies they used in their own lives to heal their heartbreak and find ‘The One’.


Heart Rehab’s intensive structure will help you change the way you approach your romantic life forever.

There are 3 core phases in Heart Rehab, plus a selection of bonus materials to keep you moving forward in your romantic life once you’ve completed the program. We know how overwhelming and painful heartbreak can feel, which is why we share our detailed program structure with you below – so you can be sure Heart Rehab is right for you before investing your precious time, money and energy.

Phase 1: Self-Care

Learn the self-care practices that will speed up the healing process & dramatically boost your self-esteem.

 NO CONTACT: The No 1 behaviour that will keep you stuck in heartbreak – and how to avoid it

  KEEP THE BASICS TICKING OVER: The simple but essential self-care actions you must take to get through the hardest phase of a break-up

  IDENTIFY YOUR PAIN RELIEF VICES: The 7 ‘numbing out’ habits that will delay your healing – and what to replace them with

  YOU’RE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK: Why your past pain is the secret to your break-up success

  RECLAIM YOUR POWER: How to turn your biggest fears and insecurities into your best assets

  CELEBRATE YOUR PAST SUCCESSES: The 10 reasons you’re so much more incredible than you realise

  OWN YOUR WORTH: The practical exercise that will increase your self-worth and confidence ten-fold

Phase 2: The Past

Understand how your past has been keeping you in a lose-lose situation in your romantic life.

 RELATIONSHIPS INVENTORY: The intensive process that’ll reveal where – and why – you’re past relationships went wrong

 REFLECT ON YOUR DISCOVERIES: The 7 crucial questions that will help you process your pain, anger and frustration so you can start to move on

 GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS: The surprising link between your childhood and your romantic life

 FLAG IT UP: The 5 main warning signs that a romantic partner isn’t right for you

 GET ROMANTICALLY HEALTHY: How to let go of the past and make sure you never settle for less in a relationship again

 BOTTOM LINE BEHAVIOURS: The handy ‘manifesto’ that’ll maintain your self-respect and dignity whether single, or in a relationship

 FORGIVE & LET LIVE: Why forgiving your ex is the most important thing you can do for your future happiness

Phase 3: The Future

Get clear on the big vision for your future and learn tools to attract the healthy, happy relationship you deserve.

 HONE YOUR ROMANTIC VISION: Why you must get specific with what you want in a future partner

 FACE YOUR CODEPENDENCY: How to ensure you stay in your own life in your next romantic relationship so that it doesn’t burn itself out

 STICK WITH THE RADIATORS: Get clear on which people in your life will help you become a success, and which are keeping you stuck

 DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE: The 3 activities that’ll make you instantly more interesting and attractive

 DESIGN YOUR QT ROUTINE: The morning practices that’ll keep you physically, emotionally and spiritually fit

 YOUR 10 YEAR VISION: How to be, do and have anything you want – starting today

 WHO IS ‘THE ONE’: How to attract the love of your life (and go on an incredible date in the mean-time)


In addition to the 3 core phases, you’ll also receive some extra resources to keep you moving forward once you complete the intensive Heart Rehab work. This includes top tips to help you heal and create lasting love from our favourite relationship experts, as well as a list of the best books we know to keep you inspired and focused on your future.



Your complete program is delivered to you within our private, members-only website.

Each phase of the 21-day program comes with an instructional video, guided meditation and step-by-step action guide that you can watch and download from your computer.

Our goal is to make this painful process as easy and comfortable for you as possible.


You can watch these videos straight from your computer or tablet. They will give you detailed info on what each phase is about, and offer invaluable tips and insights to help keep you on track throughout the program.


These calming meditations were designed specifically for Heart Rehab by our good friend Jody Shield – an incredible ‘Heart-Healer’ who helped us both move through our own heartbreaks. There is a different meditation for each phase of the program, and you can listen to these on your computer or mobile device.

Heart Pages

Each phase of the program has 7 ‘Heart Pages’ which provide a very specific sequence of practical tools and exercises to move you through the healing process. The only extra you’ll need is a journal to write in and track your progress.


When you receive your log-in for Heart Rehab, you’ll be invited to join the private Heart Rehab Facebook group.

You’ll have access to a group of people who are going through the exact same thing you are, at the exact same time. This kind of support is truly invaluable, and will make the process so much easier, should you choose to engage with it (you don’t have to!)




The whole 21-day program will be available to you in its entirety for 3 months from the date of your purchase.

Because we know how overwhelming and stressful life can feel after a break-up, we give you a whole 3 months to work through the intensive Heart Rehab program at a pace that suits you.

We have chosen to have a 3 month expiry date to encourage you to take action and make the most of this program. We know from experience that if you want to see big changes, you have to do the work. The time limit is designed to help you take your investment and commitment to yourself seriously.


Absolutely – as long as you get through the work within the 3 month time limit.

Although it’s technically a 21-day program, the Heart Rehab work is intensive, and we understand that you’re busy and may need some wiggle room.

Also, you can keep the main resources and materials forever – look over them any time you’d like a refresher.





Heart Rehab will be available at a reduced of £119 £59.50 for a limited time only.


Yes. You can try Heart Rehab for 14 days 100% Risk Free.

Our mission is to help you heal your heartbreak and fall back in love with life. That’s why we invite you to try out the first two phases of Heart Rehab for 14 days from the date of purchase. If you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise within these phases, we’ll gladly refund all of your money.

N.B. We require all your completed written work for the first two phases before we refund your money. We know from going through this process ourselves (as well as helping many others heal from heartbreak) that if you do the work, you’ll get the results you’re after. If you don’t feel we’ve provided massive value to you & your life, your money’s not ours for the taking, and we’ll happily return it to you in full.


If you’re still not sure, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions below:

Can men participate in Heart Rehab?

Of course – the cure for heartbreak is non-gender specific, in our opinion.

How much time will I need to invest in this program?

Heart Rehab requires a big time & energy investment. There are lots of daily tools and exercises to implement if you want to see big healing and change in your romantic life – 21 days worth, in fact. A very rough estimate would be around 4-5 hours a week. However, we know you’re busy, so we’re giving you access to the program for a whole 3 months after purchase.

Do I get individual one-on-one time with Persia or Joey?

Unfortunately not, but Persia and Joey are available to work one-on-one in addition to Heart Rehab’s online program. If you feel you’d benefit from extra support, please click here for more details.

Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?

Yes – see above for details.

Have a question that’s not here?

No problem – give us a shout at info@heart-rehab.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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